Community Investment


There's a growing desire for companies to measure their positive impact on their local and global communities. Most companies are engaged in some form of community investment activity - be it cash donations, employee volunteer time, management costs, sponsorship, or in-kind donations. We've developed a framework to collect your quantitative and qualitative data from the source and structure it into your internal business and sustainability reporting needs. As an added bonus for LBG Australia & New Zealand members, our solution is fully aligned with the London Benchmarking Group model and can be automatically exported to them.

From a corporate governance perspective it is important to be transparent about who donations and investments are awarded to and why they were given.

iSystain's Community Investment solution is a centralised and transparent register of all donations and givings made by your company. From donations to regional sports clubs issued by your regional offices to multi million dollar community investment projects undertaken in the cities your organisation operates in.


A flexible framework allows complex calculations to be made and a monetary value applied to volunteer work or in-kind donations of goods or services.

All donations and investments are categorised by a fully featured and user definable library of categories and subcategories. From a reporting perspective this makes analysis on the who,why, when and what a breeze. These reports can then be scheduled and automatically sent to relevant stakeholders.

While recording every donation or investment is important, knowing the impact of your givings is the end-game. iSystain's Community Investment solution includes an advanced questionnaire based assessment tool which can analyse the benefits and outcomes of individual donations or investments or your investment portfolio as a whole.

As with all iSystain solutions, complex security and segregation of roles and responsibilities is fully implemented in to our Community Investment solution. Any user can be restricted to managing only the donations and givings relevant to their scope.

Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer a fringe activity for the vast majority of medium to large business. Globally, there are many organisations bench-marking corporate investment. One of the leaders in this field is the London Bench-marking Group. iSystain's Community Investment solution is fully integrated with the LBG framework. The process of making a submission to LBG each year is no longer an arduous, lengthy process. iSystain understands the LBG framework and offers a push button LBG submission feature.



  • Transparent disclosure of all corporate donations and investments.

  • Flexible reporting across your entire organisation.

  • Automatically monetise in-kind and volunteer donations

  • Active dashboards to analyse your community investment initiatives.

  • Slice and dice your data with flexible OLAP style pivot grids

  • Built in workflow to review and authorise donations made by any part of your organisation.

  • Questionnaire based assessment tool to measure the impact of your donations and investment initiatives.

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