Compliance Management


Compliance with business, environmental, health, safety, social, and risk legislation is essential to a sustainable business. Reach that goal with our flexible framework of checklists, recurring tasks, and questionnaires. Link your compliance templates to workflow, status monitoring, action plans, and analysis views to drive your plan, do, measure, and improve process.

Get a bird’s-eye view of all scheduled compliance activities with colour coded status indicators showing overdue tasks, tasks due soon, and completed tasks. Search and filter options give you more specific information and help you spot issues quickly.

A Compliance Calendar  is a vital tool in today's complex regulatory environment

A Compliance Calendar is a vital tool in today's complex regulatory environment

Create questionnaires and checklists to be used for compliance monitoring tasks. Link questionnaires to monitoring programmes and assign to responsible departments, teams, and personnel.

Access different options and assessment tools to schedule and communicate the objective, frequency, and requirements of compliance tasks to targeted owners across your organisation.

Monitor the status of your compliance programmes with traffic light views and reports.

Oversee the outcomes from these activities and identify strengths and weaknesses.

Assign and track the status of actions assigned to persons responsible for managing the issues identified through monitoring activities.

Set performance and compliance targets and incorporate into your organisation's scorecard.

Design, save, share, and distribute reports with data, graphs, and textual analysis.



  • View real time and accurate information on your organisation's compliance strengths and weaknesses.

  • Easily monitor all sources of criteria for a single site or your entire organisation.

  • Automate the scheduling and distribution of reports for monitoring and addressing potential issues.

  • Know how you’re tracking against performance targets.

  • Know the status of corrective action for any identified compliance issue.

  • Generate an audit trail of compliance monitoring programmes for legal and risk purposes.

  • Integrate your compliance monitoring activities with your organisation’s broader sustainable development commitments.


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