Governance Register


Companies run their operations in alignment with a myriad of governance sources including policies, legislation, operating conditions, and internal and external standards. We've designed a solution to help you gather all of these sources into a single location with filtering and search options. Summary information is captured for each source including title, description, issuing authority, categories, website links, attachments, and responsibilities. We've added options to link each source to relevant risk assessments, audit instruments, and action plans, giving you a great way to navigate through this labyrinth.


Create a register of key internal and external documents including policies, acts, regulations, operating permits, external standards, certifications, and other frameworks the company has committed to deliver against.

Add searchable and meaningful information to your records including title, description, business process, applicability, and responsibilities.

Add links to external websites and reference sources, and attach relevant documentation directly.

Link relevant governance records to one or many audit instruments to monitor compliance with its requirements from your iSystain audit library.

Link relevant governance records to compliance instruments to monitor compliance with its requirements currently stored in your iSystain compliance instrument library.

Link your governance records to relevant risk assessments located in your iSystain risk register.

The governance register is integrated with Action Manager. Action plans are created with a reference to governance records. All actions are linked to workflow, reminders, progress update prompts, and sign off functions.


  • Gather the full scope of your company's corporate responsibility commitment and aspirations into a single and transparent location.
  • View, filter, and access all your company's internal and external governance documentation and metadata from a single view. 
  • Filter and export a list of governance documents by business process, organisation focus, and responsibilities.
  • Cross referencing your audit and assessment tools and risk assessments to relevant governance documents facilitates review and updates. 
  • Linking action plans to governance requirements assists with the distribution of implementation, review, and monitoring tasks.

Use the legislation, voluntary and mandatory standards as a starting point for your management systems.