Health and Hygiene


Our Health & Hygiene product corrals and manages all your personnel's health-related data in one secure place. Data management options include testing and surveillance data, exposure risk assessments, employment health and injury management plans and fitness for work requirements.


Set up an inventory of your organisation’s health-related tasks: health and occupational hygiene risk factors and requirements for exposure monitoring and management.

Assess and register all health-related risks for your organisation and track corresponding treatment plans.

System options accommodate the collection and collation of data from a variety of channels including manual entry, imports from testing sources, health monitoring and awareness campaigns, and injury and illness incidents.

Track all stages of injury and illness incident management and return to work plans. These are linked to employee profiles to provide an audit trail.

Conveniently create an audit trail of injury and illness management methods for legal and insurance purposes.

Launch a health-related campaign tailored to your organisation’s risk exposures and proactive wellness campaigns.

Our flexible reporting options mean you can combine data, text, graphics, maps, smart grids, and targets in different ways to tailor the final product.

Monitor the status of corrective and preventative actions and drive close out through reports, reminders, and escalations. 

Control access to view and edit confidential and sensitive information.


  • Visualise how you are tracking against surveillance, exposures, and legal requirements.
  • Reduce and prevent health-related risks and incidents.
  • Know the status of your department, site, division, or entire organisation’s injury and illness cases.

  • Easily retrieve information required for legal and insurance purposes.
  • Integrate health management data collection, targets, and strategies into your organisation’s broader sustainability reporting and management processes.



Treatment Plans
iSystain's health and hygiene product includes an advanced treatment plan feature. Plan and manage your injured employee's return to work.