Audit Management

Audit Management


You may not know this but our Audit Management solution was one of the first iSystain modules… v1 was over a decade ago. Since then we’ve listened and learnt so much from our clients and audit professionals about their needs and continuously improved. iSystain’s co-creator Jenni Mulligan is a passionate and well respected Auditor and business analyst. As you can imagine, Jenni’s had a lot of input to make sure our Audit solution is user friendly for auditors and delivers value for businesses.

Latest updates and enhancements:

  • Automated Audit Action Plans: Add valuable action guidance to your audit template to address audit results that are not compliant. Once the audit is complete, the actions are converted to an action plan ready to be reviewed and refined before sending to the responsible team members. Once assigned, the Actions enter our integrated Action Manager and are managed by the status tracking, reporting and reminder features.

  • Company Scorecard : This is a great tool for organisations who send the same audit to multiple sites or departments. As audits are completed, the Scorecard is updated showing company wide results as well as aggregated division / site results. The scorecard provides an easy way to assess systems strengths and weaknesses across the business.

  • iSystain App: We’ve also included the Audit module in the first batch of our iSystain Apps. Auditors can download their scheduled Audits, enter results and photographs offline on their mobile and upload to the centralised online management services when ready.

What we’ve focused on delivering:

  • Integrity - Improve audit integrity by sharing, reusing, and copying existing audit instruments and all of the smarts you’ve added into them.

  • Knowledge - Turn requirements and guidance notes into reusable effective action plans.

  • Visibility - Centralised audit planning, deployment and status views show you who’s on track and who needs help with their programme.

  • Consistency - Increased consistency across the audit programme, reduces arbitrary evaluation approaches, and builds auditor knowledge and confidence

  • Insight - Scorecards, graphs and reports provide quick access views of audit results and overall performance scores.

  • Mobility - Added peace of mind that audits can be completed on time from the palm of your hand at any location.

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