Business Intelligence Framework

Business Intelligence Framework


We’ve been listening

There's a buzzing sound coming out or our R&D lab at the moment. Our software engineer's propeller hats are spinning at full velocity due to the exciting results they are getting with our new business intelligence (BI) framework.

BI is listed as one of the most important tools for decision makers. Deep diving into your data is one thing but having the ability to slice and dice your data at the speed of thought truly is becoming a reality.

Managers need to combine data from different systems quickly and build compelling reports and dashboards based on insights drawn from correlations between previously separate data sources.

We’ve been listening and working hard to provide an open and user friendly way of integrating iSystain data directly with your preferred BI platforms such as Power BI, YellowFinBI and Tableau.

Our approach

Due to the unprecedented demand for high quality, agile BI tools, BI vendors have been forced to adopt standards to meet their client's demand for openness.

Also, given the push towards internet based solutions, BI vendors have had to make their tools work seamlessly and quickly with large remote data sources. iSystain is no exception. Our entire client base accesses their iSystain data via the internet. This is why we have chosen to use the newer Tabular BI model rather than the traditional Multidimensional OLAP cube.

Tabular models work entirely from memory so they are fast. Lighting fast! Speed of thought fast! Not only that, tabular models make use of cutting edge compression so that downloading millions of rows of data over the internet is fast and once it's on your desktop or mobile, compression is again used so that it uses your memory efficiently.

Accessing your data from your preferred BI platform is as simple as pointing it to a URL on the internet. From there we've done all the heavy lifting to massage your data into an easy to understand data model. If you want to see 'Total Events' just drag 'Total Events' onto your chart. We've made every effort to make our BI model easy to understand and offer a huge number of industry standard KPIs out of the box so you should never need to build your own.

What we’ve got

The primary offering of iSystain's new BI framework is access to your own data in a format that is compatible with most BI desktop and mobile tools. If your company has already implemented a BI strategy internally then iSystain BI framework can be ingested into this easily given it conforms to the prominent BI data standards currently.

Beginning in 2019 we will also start implementing Power BI dashboards directly into iSystain. These will not be user configurable but will offer slicing and dicing and drill-downs.

Also in 2019 we will establish an iSystain community forum to share Power BI template reports and dashboards. These will be downloadable from iSystain and opened directly in Power BI (or other compatible BI tools).

Getting started

One of the better BI desktop and mobile tools out there currently is Power BI. Power BI was developed by Microsoft and as iSystain is developed using Microsoft technologies entirely, coupling Power BI to iSystain is very simple. Here's a short video showing how to develop a report using Power BI:

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