Change Management

Change Management


They say the only constant is change. Change is necessary to remain competitive and if done right the rewards make it the most important and worthwhile process to master. At the same time it’s risky, confronting and expensive and if not managed well it can harm business. If that weren’t enough, it seems no two changes are alike.

With this in mind, we’ve designed our change management solution around the principles of structure, flexibility and visibility. We’ve done this by incorporating the following:


  • The simple ‘New Change Request’ initiation step collects the minimum, essential information required to kick off the process

  • The automatic alert logic sends change requests to the right people based on the selected cost, impact, benefit and change type

  • Definable and re-usable checklists and action templates can be inserted into the change evaluation, approval and implementation steps

  • The centralised dashboard of all changes provides many options to filter and drill into change status and information

  • Out of the box and customisable reports keep you up to date with all changes in the system, their status, owner and description

  • The change search list provides a centralised, auditable and searchable history of changes.


  • Reduced risk and increased innovation due to more people using the Change Request system

  • Increased transparency of Change Requests logged and their status ensures better communication and buy in

  • Eliminate confusion and resistance by providing more information on the scope, impacts and benefits of change

  • Reduce stress with improved visibility of change status, bottlenecks, and potential issues that need their support

  • Enjoy extra assurance that the risk of change has been reviewed and assessed by the relevant people

  • Improved engagement and communication with automated workflow based email.

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