Supplier Management

Supplier Management


We've designed our Supplier solution to manage the end to end cycle of  prequalification, approval, communication, document upload and tracking, compliance monitoring and performance review.  We’ve included many features to enable our clients to minimise supply chain issues, increase transparency and reduce time and effort chasing information and following up on issues.


Features at a Glance

  • Collect data and information directly from your Suppliers

  • Build a reusable library of questionnaires, compliance assessments, audit tools and data collection forms

  • Automatically send out reminders to update expiring documents

  • Determine Supplier suitability through electronic assessment

  • Report on approval status, assessment results, document currency and performance.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Integrate safety, environment and community management criteria into your procurement process

  • Reduce undesirable performance and complaints resulting from supply chain issues

  • Centralise all information collected from and communicated to Suppliers

  • Increase engagement with potential suppliers through streamlined feedback and approval processes

  • Reduce administration and manual tasks associated with supplier management