Waste Management

Waste Management


There’s an ever growing focus on the negative social and environmental impact of waste. Stakeholders and consumers are demanding proactive prevention and management strategies in day to day operations, projects and initiatives.  

We’ve responded by adding specific tools to iSystain’s Sustainability Reporting solution to help track and manage waste sources, reduction strategies and disposal methods.

Waste data collection tools include:

  • Establishment of an inventory of consumption and production waste sources

  • Listing of waste management methods and data capture requirements

  • Linkage to relevant greenhouse gas and energy factors

  • Creation of waste data import tools, questionnaires and manual collection options

  • Allocation of waste data collection roles and responsibilities.

Waste management performance monitoring tools include:

  • Key Performance Indicators and Targets establishment and tracking

  • Project and initiative definition and linkage to Global Goals and other strategic objectives

  • Threshold configuration, alerts and task workflow options.

Waste management data analysis tools include:

  • Drill down dashboards for Waste Type and Disposal Methods

  • A real time drag and drop pivot grid to slice and dice waste data.

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