Safety Conversations


Engaging in short conversations with personnel, focusing on working safely, and confirming they have what they need to do so is an effective leadership practice. We've developed a simple mobile-friendly tool to leverage even greater value from these conversations by capturing some quick statistics and logging any follow up actions. All data is fed into the conversation dashboard containing indicators such as number of personnel engaged, positive practices sighted, and top system improvements identified.

Lead Indicators   Positive reinforcement of good safety practices promotes employee ownership of your safety procedures and policies

Lead Indicators
Positive reinforcement of good safety practices promotes employee ownership of your safety procedures and policies

Safety conversations follow a process but the outcomes will vary. We've built a configurable data capture form to flex with the conversation area, topics, and outcomes relevant to your business.

You'll see a lot of good stuff out there and we want to help you capture that simply for your Lead Indicators.

It's not uncommon to identify undesired practices and/or conditions during safety conversations. There's a simple capture option which includes marking if the hazard has been resolved or if further action is required. The system will flag this status and notify the relevant role until closed out.

All safety conversation records can be filtered, searched, and opened in a single view. Filters include date, time spent, person, area, topic, and outcome.

These include total conversations, total hours, top ranking personnel, breakdown of conversation by area and focus, desired and undesired practices observed, and breakdown of causes.



  • Capture and communicate the good practices in place across your organisation. Recognition and positive feedback

  • Encourages safe behaviour. Our lead indicator dashboards provide ready-to-use graphs to support positive feedback and lead indicator reporting.

  • The conversation dashboard provides information not only on the gaps but also on the reasons for them based on feedback provided by the workforce.

  • Leaders who encourage active employee participation in resolving safety issues promote employee ownership of those issues. Our solution captures the agreed resolution on the spot or as a follow up action. Participants will be able to track the resolution via the Conversation view and see their input has been valued.

  • They say the more safety is spoken about, the less likely it is that incidents will occur. We'll help you demonstrate this by combining your incident trend data with your safety conversation data through our integrated business intelligence options.