Training and Competency


Your people are your best investment and we've developed this solution with that in mind. Our tools will step you through the process of building your competency inventory, assigning competencies to roles and roles to people, and identifying any gaps to create your training needs analysis. From there, you can be alerted to expiring competencies, schedule and assign people to training activities, run training and competency status reports, and monitor training effectiveness via feedback questionnaires.

Required and optional skills and competencies can be associated with any role in your organisation. Achieved skills and competencies are also maintained for each individual so that gaps can be easily identified between current and required skills.


Know what training courses you need to offer at what interval and at which locations. Automatically notify employees of upcoming training. Follow up on the quality of the training and automatically issue competencies achieved by employees who have attended training.

Set training budgets for each line manager. Compare budget with actual as training courses are conducted. Aggregate line manager's training budgets up the chain of command to know your organisation's total training spend.

Know when your employee's competencies, licenses, and tickets expire. Plan and schedule required assessments, internal or external training courses based on when competencies will be expiring.

Know how much catering, travel, and materials are costing your company for training. Identify external training suppliers who offer better value products and services.

We've included an optional training effectiveness feedback questionnaire to be emailed to participants at the end of each course. Reports and dashboards turn this information into valuable insights on what is working and opportunities for improvement.



  • You'll have a centralised, easily maintainable inventory of competency attributes such as business process, competency type, mandatory or optional, linked dependencies, and validity period.

  • You'll know the required skills and competencies for each role within your company.

  • Receive notifications well in advance of expiring competencies and/or if ongoing scheduled training is required.

  • Know how much training is going to cost your company each year. Leverage this information to forecast, plan, and budget your future training requirements.

  • Let our solution automatically notify employees and contractors of expiring competencies as well as when training courses have been scheduled.

  • Relevant competency and training performance data can be fed into your Sustainability Reporting data structure.