Carbon and Energy Reporting

Your organisation has both mandatory and voluntary carbon reporting requirements. Create a centralised inventory and collect all reporting data from all sources. View how you're tracking against targets with our carbon and energy dashboards. Drill down from your entire organisation to divisions, sites, and even asset-specific views.

Today's cities consume an enormous amount of energy. iSystain can not only help you measure your overall energy use but also implement abatement plans to reduce consumption.


Emissions Dashboards

Slice and dice your emissions and energy data using iSystain's advanced suite of dashboards. Most dashboards support OLAP style pivot grids for you to drill into your energy and carbon data inventory. Gain insight into which of your facilities are consuming the most energy. Identify anomalies in your import feeds or manual data entry.

Filter the dashboard to any part of your organisation or period of time. iSystain's Emissions dashboard also support a spatial navigator with heat maps to identify your largest emission sources visually and by GPS location.


Compare any period with a seasonally adjusted historic period to understand if current consumption is typical for the facility.

Know which activities generate the most CO2-e tonne emissions. Drill into the activity data to locate the facility, meter or account responsible.

Export dashboard widgets directly into your management reports.

Emissions library enables you to link emission and calorific factors to a specific asset, specific site, a geographical region as well as globally applicable factors.

Factors can be assigned to specific periods of time making historic emission reporting possible

Targets, heat mapping, and scorecard functions for energy reduction initiative management.

Choose the data level for your needs. Whether you’re looking for greenhouse and energy data for your entire organisation or for a specific geographical region, or even for one particular asset, you are in the driver’s seat. Pick exactly the level of detail you need.

Our configurable and flexible data capture capabilities mean we work with the data format you’re comfortable with: direct entry, questionnaires, or imported files.

Start with our standard set of reports and dashboards or use our report designer to accommodate your styles for your final reporting needs. We can combine and format data tables, graphics, maps, smart grids, scorecards, and heat maps and text in a way that works for you.

You can assign emission and other factors to specific periods of time. This means you can compare and contrast data over the years and make historic emission reporting possible.

Our estimations and projections functionality allows you to predict outcomes based on robust scenario and simulation analyses.

Set targets and assess achievements through scorecard functions, an especially valuable tool for the management of energy reduction initiatives.


  • We’ll give you a good starting dataset but also the flexibility to rename, add, reconfigure, or turn off things you don't need. We'll flex to your needs instead of the other way around.

  • Easily monitor the carbon print at any level of your organisation - a single asset, a geographical region, or the entire business as a whole through dashboards and reporting options.

  • You can schedule and distribute monitoring reports automatically. This helps keeps everyone up to date and on track to address potential challenges before they develop.

  • Set up an audit trail that tracks emission and calorific factors both historically across time and geographically across regions.

  • Carbon data will integrate with your company's broader sustainability reporting framework.

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Imports Your Metering Data

Metering or pulse data is the new frontier in effective energy management.iSystain can received feeds from most metering equipment and automatically add this data to your energy inventory.

Billing invoice totals can be validated against aggregated meter data totals for a single meter, sub-meter, entire building or portfolio of buildings.