Change Management


Change is a constant part of daily operations. Working out what needs to be managed and to what extent is a challenge for all companies big and small. With this in mind, we've created a flexible framework to request, evaluate, risk assess, approve, control, and communicate changes. Our change solution is workflow driven and will mobilise your teams as the change process progresses through each stage.


Capture the basic information you need to kick off the change evaluation process. The initial Change Request page prompts users to capture the minimum information and any attachments explaining the change requested.

Automate the change request notification with workflow rules based on the change type, estimated cost, benefit, impact, and scope.

Create and link questionnaires to gather information and assess the risk, benefits, costs, and resources needed to implement the change.

Develop action plans as required for each step of the change management process. Centrally monitor and track individual actions with automated reminders prompting for status update and close out.

Easily view and drill down into all changes within your scope to identify progress, bottlenecks, and potential issues. Keep a history of changes that have been approved, rejected, suspended, and reactivated.

Leverage the information you've collected from all the change activities to identify trends and focus areas, process issues, as well as impacts and successes.

The Change Review step and feedback questionnaire engages both the change delivery team and key stakeholders with a forum to capture residual change issues and concerns to be addressed, evaluate if the benefits were achieved, and provide suggestions for improvement on both the change and the change process itself.

Link your change management assessment tools to your Governance Register for extra assurance that the risk of change is managed as per your governance framework.


  • The simplified and centralised process encourages more people to use the system. Once in the system, there is great transparency, workflow, and information collection structure.
  • The Change Dashboard provides centralised views and filters to drill into change status and understand where things are stuck.
  • All change process workflow and task-based actions are integrated into iSystain's Action Manager.

  • Identify and respond proactively to emerging issues displayed in graphs, smart grids, trending and analysis tools. 
  • Store a complete audit trail of change information for legal and insurance purposes.


Communication is vital to managing change effectively. iSystain can automate this process using email based workflow and our advanced action management tool.