Our Vision

To help businesses operate responsibly


The Objective

The objective of a business is primarily to provide goods and services for profit. The objective of corporate sustainability is to ensure the goods and services provided are done so responsibly. Our vision for iSystain was to provide a software platform to enable businesses to operate responsibly in a cost effective and user friendly way.

How does a business know if it is operating sustainably and responsibly? While that's not a simple question to answer... it primarily involves measuring impact. Impact to the environment, staff and the wider community. Measuring how much energy you use, how many staff members are injured each year and what impact your business is having on the communities surrounding your facilities is vital to understanding how sustainable your business is.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement:- a term borrowed from quality assurance is another feature of our product. The Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle is woven into the fabric of each of our business processes.

The core requirements for iSystain came from our design team lead by Jenni Mulligan. Jenni is a thought leader in the EH&S space and has been instrumental in implementing business systems and processes for many global organisations. As a trained EH&S auditor Jenni understands that effectively implemented business systems invariably rely on software to automate, check, measure and collate information.

With iSystain amost every aspect of running a business responsibly can be measured and once your performance is base lined, targets can be set to improve on that base line.

iSystain is an agile suite of tools for managing all aspects of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. We've worked hard to make our platform easy to use and flexible enough to deal with the ever changing mandatory and voluntary legislative requirements and international standards.

We're very proud of our product and how it's backed by our staff's fanatical support. We look forward to showing you our innovative product some time soon.


iSystain's Sustainability scorecard reflects our vision to design a system that cuts across all facets of sustainability and is able to quantify a company's overall performance.


Don Smy
Technical Director