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We provide software to manage HSE risks, demonstrate good governance, and report on your corporate sustainability performance


Health, Safety and Environment

Running a company that minimises risk to people, the environment, local communities and assets requires commitment and great software. We've got you covered with the essentials including risk, compliance, incident, health, competency, change and action management. All processes are linked to email-based workflow and collect data that feeds into our suite of reporting, dashboards and performance monitoring tools.

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Governance and Compliance

Move beyond silo-based, compliance and audit activities by integrating them into an overarching governance framework. Collect and categorise all voluntary and involuntary legislation, permits, internal and external policies and standards subscribed to by your company in the Governance Register. Link items to risk assessments, audit instruments, compliance assessments and action plans for implementation and review responsibilities.

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Sustainable Development Reporting

Our Sustainable Development solution provides a framework to define your sustainability performance goals and establish the quantitative and qualitative data collection requirements to report and measure against them. We'll incorporate management tools including workflow, data status monitors and alerts, import facilities, flexible reporting options and data analysis views to track your development.

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